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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Farewell, GoEverywhere ...

GoEverywhere was a Beta project at Symantec that researched the viability of a Webtop as a single sign-on personal portal. I used it on and off and thought it was pretty neat, but it just was not a killer application. I found that just having the few online services I used regularly open in browser tabs was just as productive.

Where this technology would be useful is perhaps on thin-client systems that access corporate in house web applications. Unfortunately this is not a ubiquitous occurrance at this point in the IT world. Most companies and individuals are still primarily dependent on a few stand alone or networked client-server applications.

Cloud computing is a nifty idea, but the infrastructure, security, and products are just not feature-rich enough to replace the prevalent IT landscape. Additionally, corporate customers are reluctant to place all their eggs in the "Cloud" basket for any number of reasons. Until there is truly instant, secure "Internet Everywhere", I see Cloud Computing remaining merely an interesting sidenote in corporate IT.

One niche where I see it being useful in the short run is for individuals that have light to moderate productivity needs, or that just want access to a few documents from anywhere. Though the later requirement could be easily achieved by editing documents on the local computer and uploading them to an online storage account, or even just emailing the to yourself, it may still be useful to create them online.

I always hate to see applications fading into the twilight, but perhaps Symantec will make the code available under a community license. That would allow small groups, or maybe educational institutions to at least put what was done to good use.

Goodbye, GoEverywhere!

Dear Beta Tester,

Thank you for participating in the beta program for Symantec GoEverywhere. This innovative project in cloud computing was very successful and provided a number of insights on technical features and usage patterns derived from substantial user feedback. However, the beta program for GoEverywhere will come to a close on June 30, 2009. At that time, the service will no longer be accessible and available for use.

Symantec continues to develop innovative technologies and remains focused on its vision to become the leading provider of cloud-based offerings that secure and manage the world's information. However, at this time we do not plan to release Symantec GoEverywhere as a standalone service.

Account information, including log-in information for accounts you have connected to through GoEverywhere, will be securely deleted, and no personal information will be retained.

We thank you for your active participation and support. If you have any questions about Symantec GoEverywhere, please contact us at support@goeverywhere.com

Thank you,

The GoEverywhere Team
*Sorry if you have received this email more then once.

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